Arvind Mathur

Title of nominee Mr
Name of nominee Arvind Mathur
Organization Sify
Position in the organization Chief Architect
Member organization of the nomination SIFY Limited
APNIC account name SIFYNET-IN
Contact name Saji PK
Reasons for nomination

1. Sify is one of India's leading and larger ISPs that provides triple-play IP services in India targeted towards the masses (Consumer segment) as well as the enterprise;

2. Over the years Sify has built solid repute as a service provider and enjoys considerable thought-leadership in delivering innovative IPv4-based services and is now pioneering the introduction of IPv6 infrastructure & services in India. Our contributions are well recognized within India (NIXI) as well as Internationally (6Choice)for IPv6.

3. Sify plays an important role within India's Internet Service Providers Association of India (ISPAI)and it is our strong belief that as an APNIC EC, I will be able to drive and coordinate optimal use of IP resources as well as guide adoption of advanced IP technologies including IPv6 in the region.