David Woodgate

Title of nominee Mr
Name of nominee David Woodgate
Organization Telstra
Position in the organization General Manager
Member organization of the nomination Telstra
APNIC account name TELSTRA-AU
Contact name David Woodgate
Reasons for nomination

David Woodgate is passionate that APNIC must develop a strategic vision to prepare for a post-IPv4 world. He strongly believes that APNIC needs to review its core business model to meet these new challenges, and to clarify its responsibilities both to its own members and within the framework of global Internet resource management.

David also wants to ensure that APNIC continues to represent all segments of the Internet community in the Asia-Pacific region, and provide services for the benefit of all its members and countries in the region.

David has worked in the Internet industry for nearly 20 years, during much of which he was been responsible for the design and development of Australia's largest commercial national and international Internet backbone. David has also worked for Telstra for nearly 14 years, and has gained much experience in both technology and business management from this.

David has been highly active in policy development debates in recent APNIC meetings, and he has a strong understanding of global Internet resource management processes. He has also worked previously in IETF working groups, and understands the history, roles and inter-relationships of the principal Internet bodies.

David believes that as a member of the APNIC Executive Council that he would be able to apply his unique combination of extensive Internet history, technical understanding and management skills to the service and interests of APNIC's members and the Asia-Pacific Internet community, and to assist APNIC develop and continue into the future.