Hyun Joon Kwon

Title of nominee Mr
Name of nominee Hyun-Joon Kwon
Organization National Internet Development Agency of Korea
Position in the organization Head of IP address management Dept.
Member organization of the nomination National Internet Development Agency of Korea
APNIC account name KRNIC-KR
Contact name Kye Nam Lee
Reasons for nomination

Hyun-Joon Kwon holds the post of Head of IP address management Dept. in NIDA (National Internet Development Agency, formerly "KRNIC"), which is the statutory non-profit organization that administers Internet address resources and national Internet policies. In 2001 he set up the rules of Korea domain-name dispute resolution process, and since then he has deeply involved in setting up national policy about Internet governance and Internet address resources, and he has actively participated in WSIS, ICANN, APNIC, APLTD, APNG, APRICOT meetings. He had also held the elected position of member of ICANN's ASO Address Council and NRO's Number Council (2004-2008). During his service of 8 years at NIDA, he has been actively associated with IP address and domain name policy, Internet governance issues, national Internet policies, digital heritage preservation policies, and digital divide issues.

Thanks to his special knowledge in Internet governance issues, he has been ICANN's GAC advisor for Korean representative from 2003 to 2006, and he won an official commendation by Minister of Ministry of Information and Communication, Republic of Korea in 2004. In addition, he is a councilor of Korea's ITU study committee and many other committees. Currently he has been the main editor of Korea's 3-year plan (2009-2011) for Internet address resources management and promotion.

He is fully capable of performing the duties and roles of APNIC EC with his rich practical experience and knowledge.


  • Seoul National University of Technology, Ph.D candidate in IT Politics(2008 ~)
  • University of Minnesota Law School, LLM (Juris Doctor Degree)
  • Korea University, Graduate School, Commercial Law (MA)
  • Korea University, College of Law (BA)