Kuo Wei Wu

Title of nominee Mr
Name of nominee Wu, Kuo-Wei
Organization National Information Infrastructure Promotion Association
Position in the organization CEO
Member organization of the nomination TWNIC
APNIC account name TWNIC-TW
Contact name Ching-Heng Ku
Reasons for nomination

Kuo-Wei is very knowledgeable in the area of Internet policy and infrastructure. He is very familiar with the Internet industry in Asia through his 10-year service in APNIC EC, his global and regional experiences include IGF (2006~Now), WSIS (2004~2005), ICANN (1998~Now), APNIC (1996~Now), ISOC (1996~Now), PIR (2008~Now), APRICOT (1996~Now), APNG (1996~2001), APTLD(2000~2002), APAN (1995~2000), TWNIC (1995~Now), TWIA (2006~Now). His experience and knowledge in the global and regional Internet activities plus his management skill is valuable. His continuous services in APNIC EC will certainly benefit the APNIC community as a whole.

Kuo-Wei is a well-known Internet pioneer in Taiwan and AP region. In his function as deputy director of NCHC (National Center for High Performance Computing) in Taiwan, he helped to set up TANET (Taiwan Academic Network) in operation in 1991, he helped to initiate Taiwan NII (National Information Infrastructure) project in 1994 and one of the founding members. He served as the deputy director of NCHC for 8 years (1990~1998). Then, he joined Yam Digital as the Senior VP, one of the major internet portals in Taiwan, and was in charge of the ISP coordination and business operation from 1998 to 2000. In June 2000, he joined Acer, Inc. as a VP which is in charge e-Service division to provide internet services for industry. Starting from Jan 2004, he works for NIIEPA in Taiwan as the CEO. And he leads the teams to develop information security consultant services, internet policy researches, and international and national standard researches.

As community service, Kuo-Wei holds several key positions in Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC), Public Internet Registry (PIR), Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC), TWIA (Taiwan Internet Association), COSA (Chinese Open System Association), Computer Audit Association (CAA).

Kuo-Wei holds BSc and MSc from TungHai University (Taiwan), University of Cincinnati (USA), and Columbia University (USA).

Second nomination

Title of nominee Chief Executive Officer
Name of nominee Mr. Kuo-Wei Wu
Organization NII
Position in the organization Chief Executive Officer
Member organization of the nomination NEC Taiwan Ltd.
APNIC account name NEC-TW
Contact name Emily Chou
Reasons for nomination Representative of Taiwan