Vish Yelsangikar

Title of nominee Mr.
Name of nominee Vish Yelsangikar
Organization - REA Group
Position in the organization Global Infrastructure Architect
Member organization of the nomination REA Group
APNIC account name REAGROUP-AU
Contact name Vish Yelsangikar
Reasons for nomination

Vish nominates himself to this position. Vish Yelsangikar is a Network Engineering and Operations Manager with over 18 years of practical, hands-on experience in Network Operations. He is a highly motivated, diligent and effective network and security professional with a track record of building customer-driven organizations. He has a background in highly available network design, process development, data center operations, technical consulting, security analysis, vendor management and project management. He is proficient in 24x7 operations. Vish is an outcome focused, customer oriented professional with a proven 'get it done yesterday' track record. He has developed and managed diverse teams. In addition, he is a strong team leader and coach, and communicates clearly.

Vish has held several positions in the past, including positions in the United States of America, such as Manager of Technology Planning and Architecture at Netflix, Manager of Network and Security at Lycos and many more during his distinguished career. He is currently consulting as the Global Infrastructure Architect of, an online real estate company in Australia/NZ, Europe and Asia. As's Global architect, Vish is responsible for its global infrastructure architecture and strategy. Vish also served as a member of the program committee of NANOG between Oct 2005 and Oct 2007. He is an active member of many other organizations, such as Webmonster, a group of the top 40 web companies in the world, the Gigabit peering forum, the Silicon Valley Indian Professional Association, and the Silicon Valley Info Systems and Security Association. He currently sits on advisory board of two startups in the silicon Valley. Vish received his masters in Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo, NY and an MBA in Global Management from UOP San Jose, CA, USA. He is currently stationed in Bangalore, India and travels all over the world as a result of his work.