Hassan Zaheer

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Title Mr
Name Hassan Zaheer
Resident of Pakistan
Organisation Worldcall Telecom Ltd.
Biographical info I'm computer science graduate and I have 10 years of diverse IP services experience ranging from providing SMS Inforservices to largest GSM operator (Mobilink) to establishing First Broadband cable Internet service in Pakistan on Worldcall platform. Key expert areas includes core IP routing, deployment of large access networks (Broadband, EV-DO) and advance system administration of IP services. Managing the Internet resources on APNIC for Worldcall Telecom as a corporate account. Currently I'm Head of IP Core Division at Worldcall Telecom Ltd (www.worldcall.net.pk) for Broadband Cable operations. Managing the IP core Infrastructure of Broadband Cable Internet service, Video on Demand and VAS services. Managing 3 teams; with a total of 30 employees. Upgraded core IP network to Gigbit and currently working on establishing IPv6 connectivity among the peers (other ISPs)

Previously I worked for 2.5 years as Project Leader and System Administrator in ORBIT, Business and Communications Systems Pvt. Ltd. managing the Mobilink (www.mobilinkgsm.com) SMS Infoservices project.

Since 2002 I'm working in Worldcall Telecom Ltd. in IP core operations division. I deployed and configured first Broadband Cable network in Pakistan in 2002 on CUDA 12000 platform and later migrated to DOCSIS 1.1 I have also attended special training for DOCSIS 1.1 service provisioning from ADC. Last year I deployed Broadband DOCSIS 1.1 on Arris C4 platform and now planning for DOCSIS 3.0 deployment.

I participate very actively in Internet regional activities and last year attended APRICOT 2008 (Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies) in Taipei, Taiwan, I also attended SANOG XIII 2009 and presented a paper "Building the Broadband platform from day one at WorldCall"

Nominated by

Your name Hassan Zaheer
Organisation Worldcall Telecom Ltd.
Motivation for nomination I always like to use resources efficiently whether its a core network or customers of a service provider. Being an NC I would be able to influence IP addresses policy implementaion more effectively in this region.