APNIC social event

When: 18:30�20:30, Wednesday, 26 August 2009
Where: Gong Wang Fu Museum
(Prince Gong Mansion)
17 Qianhai South Street, Xicheng district, Beijing, China
Transport: Buses will start departing at 18:30 from the North Parking Driveway of the Grand Hyatt. Buses will start returning to the hotel from 21:00.

Prince Gong's Mansion

Gong Wang Fu Museum

Join us on Wednesday night for a sumptuous traditional banquet at one of Beijing's premier cultural heritage locations

About the venue

Prince Gong's Mansion, or Gong Wang Fu Museum (恭王府) is one of Beijing's most exquisite and best-preserved royal mansions.

It was constructed in 1777 for Minister He Shen (和珅) during the Qianlong-reign in the late Qing Dynasty. Emperor Xianfeng assigned the mansion to Prince Gong in 1851, and it has borne his name ever since. During the Cultural Revolution, it was used by the Beijing Airconditioning Factory. In 1982, the mansion was declared one of the Chinese National Cultural Heritages in Beijing, and in 1996 it was opened to the public, becoming a popular scenic tourist destination.

The mansion underwent a pronlonged and significant restoration in 2006 and was eventually reopened in 2008 bearing the name 'Gong Wang Fu Museum'.

Prince Gong's Mansion once housed several families, and consists of a number of large mansions, siheyuan (四合院) courtyards, two-story buildings, a grand Peking Opera house, and has nearly half its total area of 60,000 square metres devoted to opulent Chinese gardens.

The Peking opera house inside the royal mansion not only stages Beijing opera performances, but also other prominent forms of Chinese opera. In August 2008, the Kunqu performance group from the prestigious "Jiangsu Kunqu House" performed at the Prince Gong Mansion for a week's run with their program Floating Dreams.

Photo attribution: Onion83 on Flickr

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