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DNSSEC Implementation at .my TLD (.my DNSSEC)

Norsuzana Harun

Presented by Norsuzana (.my Domain Registry) [bio]

Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) provides origin authentication and data integrity checks for DNS lookups. This is accomplished by adding digital signatures and public keys to the DNS.

Key organizations including some Top Level Domain Names (TLDs) are examining the potential for DNSSEC deployment in major sub-trees of the DNS as well as DNSSEC technical challenges that are associated with deployment and operational issues.

In preparation of DNSSEC implementation in Malaysia, considerations need to be made to 11 technical issues, challenges, and activities. In this conference, the participants will be given an overview pertaining to the implementation of DNSSEC in the Malaysian from the .my TLD administrator point of view and how different stakeholders roles would be pivotal in ensuring that DNSSEC is successfully implemented.

In addition, this presentation will share five steps that will be tackled by the .my TLD administrator in their DNSSEC deployment.