in conjunction with APRICOT 2012


When: Monday, 27 February 2012
Time: 16:00-17:30 (UTC +5:30)
Where: Friendship Lounge 1 & 2
Chair: Izumi Okutani, JPNIC
Co-Chairs: Ji-Young Lee, KISA; Jessica Shen, CNNIC
Mailing list: sig-nir

The charter of the NIR SIG is to share information relating to the operations, policies, and procedures of National Internet Registries (NIRs) with the aim of promoting close cooperation both among the NIRs and with the APNIC Secretariat.

JPNIC Update

Izumi Okutani, JPNIC

Trends in resource consumption and membership in JP, Notable topics in JP, Major activities in JPNIC: Charging historical resource, IPv4 transfer, IPv6 hands on seminars.

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CNNIC IPv6 research & promotiom activities

Terence Zhang, CNNIC

IPv6 promotion activities on Government Influence and Industy Influence Levels: overview of advisory report from CNNIC about government's role and policy to promote IPv6 transition, OPEN LAB, IPv6 Application Staging Center,Training & Consulting Services. Technology Research: IPv6 address management technology, CISCO LAB.

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KRNIC Update

Jung Jung Na, KRNIC

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TWNIC Update

Sheng-Wei Kuo, TWNIC

TWNIC's co-ordination in Taiwan's government announcement to support master external network services in IPv6 by 2013.

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VNNIC Update

Phan Thi Nhung, VNNIC

Latest status about VNNIC NIR: member stats, resources stats, Latest status about the deployment of V6 in Vietnam, The role of VNNIC during the deployment of V6 in Vietnam, Introduce about some upcoming activities about V6 and training in VN that VNNIC plays the role as hosting organization.

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APNIC 2012 Members and Stakeholder Survey Planning

Sanjaya, APNIC

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