John C Klensin on Internationalized Domain Names

John C KlensinDr. John C. Klensin is now an independent consultant following a distinguished career as Internet Architecture Vice President at AT&T, Distinguished Engineering Fellow at MCI WorldCom, and Principal Research Scientist at MIT.

He served on the Internet Architecture Board from 1996-2002 and was its Chair from 2000 until the end of his term. Earlier, he served as IETF Area Director for Applications and was Chair, Co-chair, and/or Editor for IETF Working Groups focused on messaging and IETF process issues.

He was involved in the early procedural and definitional work for domain name system (DNS) administration and top-level domain definitions and was part of the committee that worked out the transition of DNS-related responsibilities between USC-ISI and what became the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). He has taken an active role in the design and mechanisms for internationalization of the Domain Name System and email addressing. He also served ICANN as the IETF's Liaison to the Board from 2003-2005, a member of the Nominating Committee in 2006, and in several other capacities.

Prior to coming to MCI in mid-1994, he was INFOODS Project Coordinator for the United Nations University and, before that, was at MIT for nearly 30 years, holding Principal Research Scientist appointments in several departments, including Architecture, the Center for International Studies, and the Laboratory of Architecture and Planning.

For most of his years at MIT, he was involved in advanced research and other work in computer applications to the social and policy sciences, and in statistical and scientific database management.

Those efforts extended into fields as diverse as contact networks and political communications, especially the reach and influence of international mass media; policy and taxation analysis; computer applications in architecture and city planning, including the design of image databases; and research in automatic indexing, text analysis, and other areas of information retrieval.

Dr. Klensin is a Fellow of the ACM, a Senior Member of the IEEE, and a member of the American Statistical Association and the International Association for Statistical Computing.

Randall Lozano

Randall Lozano has nineteen years of experience in Information Technology. He also has experience in network security auditing and implementation, business development and management, and development and enterprise connectivity tools. During his career in IT, Randall Lozano has worked in system analysis and development, system implementation, project management, database design, consulting, and education. In 1998, Randall began working at Microsoft Philippines as Enterprise Channels Manager. He currently works as a business consultant for Touch Solutions Inc.

Wilson Chua

Wilson ChuaWilson Chua, of Bitstop Inc, was educated at the University of the Philippines and has been involved in the Internet industry in the Philippines since the early 1990s.

Paul Wilson

Paul WilsonPaul Wilson was appointed as Director General of APNIC in August 1998, bringing with him some 10 years of technical and business experience in the Internet industry.

In 1989, Paul became a founding staff member as Technical Director, and later (in 1992) as Chief Executive Officer at Pegasus Networks, the first private ISP to be established in Australia. During a period of 8 years with Pegasus, he oversaw the successful growth of the company as a renowned service provider in Australia. During this time he also worked on Internet projects in many developing countries and as a consultant to the United Nations and other international agencies.

Since 1994, Paul has worked with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) on their Pan-Asia Networking (PAN) Programme, in support of PAN projects in Mongolia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan, PNG, and China. As a primary consultant on Internet projects, he helped to introduce Internet services for the first time in several of these countries.

Since Paul joined APNIC in 1998, the APNIC Secretariat has grown from 6 to more than 60 staff members, and now serves over 1,600 of the largest ISPs in the Asia Pacific region.

In 2000, Paul was inducted into the Australian Internet Hall of Fame, in recognition of his contributions to the development of the Internet.

Fatima Lasay

Fatima LasayFatima Lasay is an artist and writer/researcher. Her work deals with the social and political dimensions of technologies.

Her writings include "Tanaw: Seeing and Shaping the World in the Philippine Landscape" for the book "Tanaw: Perspectives on the BSP Painting Collection" published by the Central Bank of the Philippines (2005), "No Carrier and Other Stories from Philippine BBS Culture" for the book "Read_Me: Software Art and Cultures" published by the Aarhus University Press, Aarhus, Denmark (2004), and "Diwa: A Filipino Aesthetic of Knowledge, Language, Body" for the book "Place: Local Knowledge and New Media Practice" (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2008).

Lasay was professor of industrial design, computer art and art theory (1996-2004) at the University of the Philippines. In 2004, she was invited as artist-in-residence at NICA (Networking Initiatives in Culture and the Arts) in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma), and CRIC (Centre de Reflexion sur l'Image et ses Contextes) in Sierre, Switzerland. She has worked in image and sound mediums, and is currently involved in programming and crocheting. She is a member of the CopySouth research group on the ideology of copyright and its negative effects on countries of the global south, the BUKAS national network of advocates of freedom and "openness" in Philippine society particularly in matters of governance and technology, the editorial advisory board of the Leonardo Electronic Almanac for art and technology, and has recently been elected president of the Internet Society Philippines Chapter (ISOC.PH). Her website is at http://korakora.org/

Rajnesh Singh

Rajnesh SinghRajnesh Singh joined the Internet Society in 2008 as Regional Manager for South and Southeast Asia.

Before joining ISOC, Rajnesh held executive management roles, primarily in the technology sector, and has consulted on communications and power infrastructure, project management, and business strategy for medium to large companies and organisations in the Asia Pacific region. He has also held advisory roles across multiple sectors, ranging from governmental organizations to sporting organizations and the private sector.

Rajnesh has worked extensively with the Asia Pacific Internet community, and has held several leadership roles, including Chair of ICANN's Asia Pacific Regional At-Large Organisation (APRALO), Chair of the Pacific Islands Chapter of ISOC (PICISOC), and the IPv6 Forum. He has worked extensively on ICT policy, training, and capacity building in the region and has been active in the Internet Governance Forum since its inaugural meeting. His current areas of interest are ICT policy in developing and emerging economies, Internet evolution, and effective business strategies for developing markets. Rajnesh speaks multiple languages including English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Fijian, and some French.

Bani Lara

Bani Lara Bani Lara, a science research specialist at the Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI), leads the network operations group of the Philippine Research Education and Government Information Network. He has five years of experience working on Internet routing, IPv6 and multicast technologies on the Philippine's research and education network. He also takes care of the routing infrastructure of the Philippine Open Internet Exchange.

He has been one of the Philippines' representatives to international network conferences such as APAN, AI3/SOI and TEIN; and has represented ASTI in APNIC meetings. He has also attended IGF 2008 under a fellowship program of APNIC.

He serves as co-chair of the AP* retreat held in conjunction with APRICOT 2009 here in Manila.

He earned his degree in Computer Science at the University of the Philippines and is currently pursuing his Master's degree in the same field.