Kenny Huang

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Title Doctor
Name Kenny Huang
Resident of Taiwan, Province of China
Organisation AsiaInfra International Ltd
Biographical info Dr. Kenny Huang is the leading figure of the Internet communities in Asia. Since the early years of Taiwan's Internet development, he contributed a great deal to the build up of a better Internet environment in Taiwan. Because of his tremendous knowledge and experience, he has been invited to take up leading roles in many Internet technology and policy groups. He is Taiwan e-Government committee member; Taiwan Government IT and Organization Reform Committee member, Board of TWNIC and advisor of Academia Sinica. Submarine cable inspector for several telecom operators. Dr. Huang is also a well-known research fellow and giving distinction lectures in various research instutions. Kenny's contributions and roles in the Internet community include Chair of the APNIC Policy SIG, NRO Number Council, Board of PIR (.ORG Registry), ICANN Registry Implementation Committee, Co-Chair of JET (Joint Engineering Team, formed by JP, KR, CN, TW Internet registry), Advisory Council of DotAsia, Board of TWNIC, Board of MINC (Multilingual Internet Consortium), Advisor of CDNC (Chinese Domain Name Consortium), SIREN Group of IRTF, Co-author of RFC3743. Dr. Huang participated APRICOT Executive Committee , APRICOT Track Chair, APAN program committee and various committees of APNG.

Nominated by

Your name Che-Hoo Cheng
Organisation The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Motivation for nomination Dr. Kenny Huang has made a great contribution in the area of address policy development. He has been with the Address Council/Number Council for years, so he has very much experience. He has held a number of management and strategic positions in various Internet organizations. His working attitude and professionalism are highly appreciated by experts who have worked with him. His talent and commitment is invaluable to the community. I am confident that he will continue to bring significant value to the NRO as a member of the Number Council.